We are R&D remote-based offshore outsourcing company. We offer a wide variety of the software development services. Most of the times we do turnkey contracting. That is you come to us with your ideas and end up with the final version of your product. We do everything: software requirements specification, software architecture evaluation, quality assurance and of course the actual development.

To be able to do that successfully time and again we have to:

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PEP8 validation script
Modified PEP8 validation script with Nesting Depth additional validation.
nesting depth, python
October 21, 2010
PEP8 and nesting depth metric
Company code style is one of the most essential policies to follow for any programming-related IT-organization. It helps to organize interaction between developers, especially for Agile teams, makes code more ...
code coverage, metrics, nesting depth, python
October 21, 2010
CodeExample plugin for Trac
The Trac plugin for code examples colouring. It supports three types of examples - a simple, a correct one and an incorrect. Further details see at
pygments, Trac
September 29, 2010
A couple of words about TDD
Unit-test coding supposes to be one of the most significant methodological achievements of the industry, let’s say, for about last 15 years. The Internet is full of enthusiastic exclamations [1, ...
code coverage, code review, metrics, TDD, test first, test last
February 21, 2010
Metrics - LoC
This is going to be a small set of articles devoted to metrics. The first one is about LoC - Line of Code. I think that the first reaction on ...
LoC, metrics
May 11, 2009